Tip: How to land an internship

An internship is a valued feature in one’s resume that one can readily use to prove they have a keen familiarity with the workplace environment. In consequence, it is essential for every student to find one, and, unless you tend to be a very obnoxious person like those people who eat tangerines in public places, there should be no reason for you to get none.

Following here are the steps to get an internship:

1. Rely on your wondrous assets and mesmerizing skills to charm your potential employers – in other words: Piston, piston, piston!

2. Master some foreign languages for any internship that will take place abroad and learn to translate:
« J’aimerais être pistonné, s’il vous plaît. » : « I would appreciate it if you would pull a few strings for me, please. »

3. Target the companies which solutions and outlook on the world motivate you – aka the behemoths that pay well. (Don’t forget about the  overlooked ones like Orange or the SNCF!)

4. Finally, polish your resume and cover letter (but you won’t need it if the strings were properly pulled).

You now have all the requisites necessary to get that internship you desire so much. You may relax and wait for the HR departments of all the companies you’ve reached out to to call you back!
And don’t forget how to say « piston »!

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