Special Events in June

With everything that is occurring in the world right now, you might be wondering: “What’s fun to do this month?”. It’s true that 2020 has not been an easy year: from fashion faux-pas to political blunders, we’ve had a lot on our minds, especially if you include less worrisome situations like lethal pandemics, world hunger and ongoing wars.

However, fret not, the Polytech Newsletter is there to help you get through this! Special events for the month of June have been scouted out and are brought to you by yours truly so you can take part in events on- and off-campus.

Jun 2, 2020: “A needs policy?” at Domaine universitaire de Saint-Martin d’Hères – CANCELED

Although it might be tempting to discuss environmental requirements with philosopher and Higher Schoolf of Art and Design professor Olivier Assouly, cramming in a small lecture room does not seem like a sensible idea right now. Notwithstanding, I know it’s not like you to miss out on an opportunity to learn, so how about you go back to your bed and binge that Korean drama for the third time?

Jun 9, 2020: Coffeequality: “Grenoble is also a matter of women!” – CANCELED

A fun occasion for a stroll in downtown Grenoble!
Credits: Université Grenoble Alpes

An event organized by Grenoble Alpes University and Grenoble Tourist Office, this free city tour was supposed to bring light to women who have inhabited Grenoble and have blazed the path for each of their distinctive fields. A pity for those who wanted to discover the hushed side of history. Patriarchy: 1, Women: 0, Coronavirus: 1000.

Jun 16, 2020: Online Seminar: “How to carry on simple tasks like breathing with a mask on”

This seminar helps students get a grasp of the aftermath of the shelter-in-place order. Knowing that they are literal walking petri dishes, the government has decided to lead them in their effort of not contaminating loved ones and have them die. Talking points: working and studying at home, going out for groceries in a hazmat suit, practicing physical distancing while drinking from a shared beer at a party.

Jun 29, 2020: “Where did all my money go?” Day

The fun part of the shelter-in-place order is that it was an opportunity to spend less. It all checks out: when you go out less, you spend less. Unfortunately for you, some guy some day invented the Internet, and ever since that day you have promised yourself you’ll make that INFO person pay. In the meantime, all your money has gone on careless expenditures like pricey toasters and that fancy stationary bike that cost €700 (which I’m told is the price of a single bottle of hydroalcoholic gel). You can find a silver lining in the fact that, in a matter of weeks, you single-handedly revitalized the French economy.

That’s our program for the month of June! If you long for more, do keep in mind that other refreshing social occasions are bound to take place in Grenoble and all over France this summer, including: sunbathing on your 1 square-meter balcony, exploring every nook and cranny of your local grocery store, and bawling your eyes out because your favorite festival has been canceled.

Have a fun summer!