The World of Anime

Opening :

Are you ready to go with me on an adventure in the world of japanese animation ? Is that a ‘yes’ you’re thinking ? Or maybe is it a ‘no’ ? Well guess what, it doesn’t matter cause you’re already here ! Fasten your seatbelt and hang on tight because the ride is about to start.

What is « anime » ?

The word anime (plural is also anime) comes from animation (who would have thought) and designs, or at least used to, any kind of work of animation made in japan. I said « used to » because the word evolved to describe any kind of animation that looks like something made from japan, in other words, anime is not japan exclusive anymore.

History of anime :

This section is gonna be quick since im not here to put you to sleep. Let’s just say that everything started in the 20th century when the japanese got to learn and use french, german and american animation techniques. They made it their own and used it to create the big eyed characters that we all know so well nowadays.

The different genres in the medium :

The general consensus on anime is that it’s all about fighting ,ninjas, pirates and bald guys. I can’t deny that the most popular ones are all about these things but that is just the tip of the iceberg, Indeed, anime has so many genres that are unkown to the large public. As a disclaimer, these genres can be directly transalted to specific audiences, for exemple shonen means young boy. This means that each genre is targeted to a certain type of demographic. These terms are still used but their meaning has changed to just design a certain genre of anime.

    • Shonen(Young boy) : I’ll start with the most popular one, shonens are anime mainly around fighting and action, the story is most of the time a stepping stone for epic fights between badass characters.The biggest anime, « Naruto« , « One piece » and « Bleach« , know as the big three, are shonens. But the genre doesn’t only consists of this, shonens can also be anime that can be relatable to young boys mostly in term of school life, romance and life in general, some examples are « Nisekoi », « Daily life of high school boys » (pretty self-explanatory) and « GTO« .

Old school shonens

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JAM en folie !

C’est un fait – les cellules artistiques de Polytech Grenoble bouillonnent d’idées en tout genre, et les étudiants sont toujours poussés par l’envie de créer et d’innover.

C’est dans cet esprit que, le week-end dernier, se sont réunis Julie, Matthieu, Thomas, Antoine, Tom, Hugo et Camille dans le cadre d’une video jam. Pendant 48h non stop, ils se sont attelés à la réalisation d’un court métrage sur le thème (tiré au sort) Gueule de bois. Le script a été entièrement écrit le vendredi soir au lancement de l’événement, le tournage leur a pris toute la journée du samedi, et le montage toute celle du dimanche. Les étudiants n’ont pas hésité à faire des plans en extérieur ou dans des commerces, pour filmer des scènes « insolites ».

Les participants à la video jam de janvier 2019 – Objectif Polytech

Leur objectif était de lancer une activité pouvant regrouper les cellules du Bureau Des Arts (BDA), et cela s’est transformé en une super expérience pour les étudiants participants qui ont pu apprendre énormément quant à la réalisation de courts métrages, le tout dans une ambiance pleine de folie et de convivialité.

Pour ceux qui souhaitent admirer leur chef d’œuvre, sachez que la vidéo sera diffusée en exclusivité à la soirée BDA de ce jeudi 31 janvier !

Quant à ceux qui sont déçus de ne pas avoir pu participer, sachez que d’autres sessions sont en préparation ! En effet, à la mi-février, le Bazar Des Jeux (BDJ) organise au sein de l’école une board game jam, qui aura pour but de créer un jeu de société en un temps limité. Il reste encore des places, alors n’hésitez pas à contacter le BDJ au plus vite ! D’autre part, une nouvelle video jam devrait être organisée entre fin mars et début avril, car toute l’équipe est très motivée pour remettre le couvert et, pourquoi pas, affronter de nouveaux participants !

Le lien de la vidéo :

Matthieu Olivier, president of the theater club

Matthieu, a student in GGC at Polytech Grenoble, is the president of the school’s theater club. He explains us who he is, the origin of the club, and their plans.

Who is Matthieu?

Matthieu did seven years of theater before his two prepa years, during which he stopped because he lacked of time. He missed it a lot, and of course joined the theater club right after arriving at Polytech Grenoble last year when he heard that it existed.
As Matthieu was the most active member last year and that he loves theater, managing a group and organizing events, he gladly took the previous president’s role this year as she couldn’t do it again. He truly cares about each member of the club: he helps them strenghen their qualities and fill their gaps but also designs for each one of them a role that fits them best.

The origin of the club.

The club was created last year for the first time in Polytech Grenoble by Helia. She studied two years at Polytech Tours for her PeiP before coming to Grenoble and was a member of Tour’s theater club. She wanted to keep on practicing and performing when she arrived here but there was no existing club, so she decided to change that.
And that’s how the club was born! Matthieu felt pretty lucky to join the school the same year.

The club’s daily life.

The club’s goal is to put on not one but two plays this year (just like last year): one before Christmas and the second one before Easter so that everyone, even the 5A, will be able to come and see or participate. Before starting to write anything, they got to know each other and did some exercices for several weeks. Theater requires multiple skills: speech, acting, improvisation, confort with the audience… Which they all improved together through exercices. Matthieu was the one directing these exercices: he repeated the same ones he did with his previous groups (with Polytech and before), but also searched online for new exercices and invented or tweaked a couple other ones.

The Christmas play.

They started working on the Christmas play since the last holidays. At first, they searched together for a theme that would be interesting but also fun to work with: this year they chose Christmas. Once the theme was settled, they started doing some improvisation exercices on it. These exercices brung them a lot of ideas that they then used to put on the play. Here is a glimpse of the plot: a villain will try to bring chaos to Christmas, but the Christmas elves will try to stop him.

Future plans.

The team from L’Hexagone, a theater in Grenoble, contacted Matthieu to give the group a couple lessons once in a while, and maybe even collaborate during one of their plays!

Photo du club de théâtre

Polytech’s Drama Club: Christmas Edition

In this month’s issue, many special events are being brought to you by the newsletter team. However the most dazzling of all is the show prepared by the Polytech’s drama club.

We’ve already interviewed Drama club coordinator Matthieu, GGC4,  for this month’s issue, but we can’t seem to let it go!

The big news is that during the Christmas party (of which the date will be announced soon), the drama club will bring fun to the event with one of their well-executed theatrical performance. Their show is about Christmas and, as always, it promises to be cheerful and entertaining with a well-versed humor that will get a chuckle out of even the most somber ones.

The Drama club put consistent work into each every one of their performances: they usually rehearse the scenes of a show on a weekly basis within a two-month span before it is brought to the public.

Many students, from all branches, are part of the Drama club, including some GGC, RICM, IESE and TIS students.

Polytech’s Drama Club members

Corentin from GGC4 commented that he “wanted to join a drama club right after entering Polytech”. He didn’t join in right away but waited “until the second semester when [he] saw some of [his] friends were part of the club”.

Mathis from RICM3 added that he wanted to be “part of a drama club ever since [he] was in junior high” and decided he’d join in on the fun when Robin from the Bureau des Jeux told him about it during one of their parties.

The students involved in the club are all hard-working and attentive to bring to their public a show of fine quality. At any rate, if you are planning to come to the Christmas party, don’t miss out on the fun and go see them perform!