Projet Yitus : késako ?

Le projet Yitus, que cela peut-il bien signifier ? Est-ce un projet top secret ? Une conquête spatiale ? Son nom ne vous évoque peut-être rien, et pourtant, il est destiné à aider de nombreuses personnes.

Logo du projet                     Yitus

L’épidémie que nous traversons a nécessité la fermeture des établissements scolaires, et a laissé place à l’enseignement à distance. Celui-ci nécessite d’être poursuivi tout au long de cette période, et bien au-delà. Cependant, de nombreuses difficultés peuvent se heurter à cette scolarité à distance. C’est ainsi que durant cette période, un système de soutien scolaire a été mis en place afin d’épauler ces lycéens, parents ou enseignants.

Qui sont les acteurs de ce projet ?

Ce projet a tout d’abord, permis de lier le Lycée des Eaux-Claires de Grenoble, avec notre école d’Ingénieurs qui est Polytech Grenoble.

Les lycéens vont pouvoir demander de l’aide à des étudiants de Polytech Grenoble (tuteurs) sur les matières telles que les mathématiques, la physique, la chimie, l’informatique et l’anglais, mais également sur l’orientation scolaire.

Pour cela, les tuteurs sont aidés de référents, également étudiants à Polytech Grenoble. Ils sont uniques par matière, et en contact avec l’enseignant correspondant. Leurs échanges permettent de connaître les sujets des cours traités ainsi que les exercices, mais aussi de pouvoir partager ensemble les difficultés rencontrées.

Page d’accueil de l’application – Yitus


Pour permettre ce contact élève-tuteur, de nombreux étudiants se sont impliqués avec l’aide d’enseignants, dans la conception de deux outils permettant ce lien : le site et l’application Yitus (disponible sur Android, et prochainement sur Apple).


Comment cela fonctionne-t-il ? 

Page d’affichage des demandes d’élèves – Yitus

Un élève a besoin d’aide, d’une information ou d’explications d’une notion ? Celui-ci se connecte au site internet ou à l’application dédiée. Il indique sa matière et  formule un résumé de son besoin. Les tuteurs de cette matière sont alors informés d’une demande d’aide, accompagnée de son résumé. Si un tuteur est disponible, il va pouvoir répondre rapidement à l’élève, par le biais d’une plateforme de visioconférence (Jitsi), communiquée lorsqu’il aura accepté la demande d’aide. Il ne leur reste plus qu’à travailler !


Cette solution d’aide et de soutien scolaire permet déjà à de nombreux lycéens d’être aidés, et cela rapidement. De plus, les tuteurs de Polytech Grenoble ont été également rejoints par d’autres étudiants de l’INP Grenoble. Ce projet promet donc une belle solidarité entre lycéens, parents, professeurs et étudiants.

« The Last Dance » Review: Michael Jordan’s Greatness

Every once in a generation emerges a world class talent that will dominate his competition for years, however few are those who transcend their field to inspire people around the globe and become godlike figures.

The Last Dance, co-produced by Michael Jordan himself, not only aims to tell the story of a man turning into the best player of the generation, but into the best player of all time. What does it look like to win a championship in the toughest basketball competition, with among the biggest egos in sports and a media pressure levelling the Beatles and Michael Jackson, for the sixth time in eight years? This documentary dives us into the backstage of the last championship run of the 90’s Chicago Bulls and the background policy in a franchise surrounded by internal feuds and ego conflicts.

This is the occasion to revive some of the best battles Michael Jordan has faced in his career, against strongly loaded teams still recognized to this day such as Reggie Miller’s Indiana Pacers, the Malone and Stockton’s Utah Jazz or the ferocious New York Knicks of Patrick Ewing. The back and forth timeline brings us to the beginning and rising of every piece of the puzzle that is part of that journey to NBA’s top. Through the Bulls’ struggles with cocaine before Jordan’s arrival, to his biggest teammate Scottie Pippen’s family issues, Rodman’s craziest off-limits experiences and more, the documentary carries us to what will be defining moments of the greatest team of all time. This team is like none other, and will never be topped as 2020’s society couldn’t accept such a dysfunctional and yet strong organisation, but they give us glimpses of the madness that social medias will initiate decades later.

Of course, on-court stories are tremendously executed, but the show really elevate itself with insights. It is now possible to skim Jordan’s daily life, the global frenzy following him in every public appearance, like on the ‘’Nulle part ailleurs’’ TV show, his addiction to competition, and his appetite for these small little moments, in his hotel room for example, where he is no longer Air Jordan but just Mike.

We can now see these moments, 20 years later, however that’s not what MJ is about, MJ is about winning. Not just competing, not just giving it all, he is about winning and he is the best to have ever done it. He was unbeatable for a decade, like a deus-ex-machina letting youngsters play for every ball while he plays for the win. Rare are those who approached MJ’s athletics’ abilities and mix of speed, power, balance and (of course) above the sky vertical trigger, but almost none of them could pretend to have made more sacrifices and dedication to his sports. Even after being raised to a semi god status after the 1992 Olympic journey with the Dream Team in Barcelona, he continued to find ways to motivate himself like no other. Capable of making up full stories about opponents trash talking him, he would give everybody’s that daring to contest his supremacy a basketball lesson. His killer instinct may have gotten him too far on gambling, but hey he’s Jordan, he’s winning.

So why has he not won 15 championships though? Because there is no I in win in the NBA. After putting sweat blood and tears for many years without success, his biggest achievement was to understand how to win: by elevating everybody to his level of competitiveness. Being focused on only the ring (the Championship Medal) is the mentality brought by Coach Phil Jackson. He created a tribe, built around MJ, in which each member lived his life as he wished as long as he was dedicated to winning at all costs. Michael’s way to do it was to push hard on his teammates. Always on the edge, that could have destroyed a lot of locker rooms, like after a fist fight with his teammate Steve Kerr, but these Bulls were another kind of relentless people, driven by their guru master Jackson and their chief Jordan.

Even if the climax on the game winning shot to earn the 6th championship by MJ is a Hollywood class happy ending, it is an ending, and it was decided by the very same person that initiated the story: Jerry Krause. Introduced as the major antagonist to the Bulls dynasty, the General Manager (financial and sportive executive) had the same will to win as Jordan and created the best team of all time around him, drafting Pippen in 1987, rebuilding entirely the team that won the first 3 championships when Jordan retired for the first time in 1993, then bringing MJ’s nemesis Rodman to win 3 more championships from 1996 to 1998.  However, he indeed decided to put an end to it, through lack of consideration. That’s the kind of egos this team was made off.

Thanks to hundreds of speakers from inside (Pippen, Rodman…) and outside Bulls’ circle (Obama, Beckham, Clinton…), but also insights of cameras filming the last year of Michael Jordan at the Chicago Bulls, we’ve witnessed greatness and the cost that goes with it. The whole new generation is recognizing the super human mental and physical capacities of the greatest player in basketball history and his tribe. The public passion surrounding every episode of The Last Dance has now freed the way for generational talents to produce high quality documentary showing the up and downs of these fascinating people. And as always, that’s Michael Jordan who did it first.

How to: Getting married as students? Organizational tips (#2)

As the summer approaches, the wedding season gets closer!

If you haven’t read the first part of this article, here is the link to find it !


With time passing by, you might be starting to stress a little bit more about the organization of your party. Don’t worry, it is totally normal!

You might have found your dress, and already chosen the place of your dinner reception. The key feature you should start worrying about is the caterer for your dinner. In fact, some places are only rentable if you choose to hire one of their caterers. In this case, the price might be a little higher, but the choice becomes a straightforward process and the organization is usually easier as the caterer already knows the kitchen and the furniture of the place.

In order to choose a caterer, you need to define which type of dinner you want: A seated dinner? A buffet?

A seated meal can look more luxurious and exceptional, although it might be more expensive as you need to pay the numerous waiters. We decided to go for a buffet, so our guests can choose between different courses. Moreover, we thought that it was more pleasant for the guests to give them the possibility of moving a little and talk with other tables during the dinner. Something you need to check before hiring a caterer, is if he or she imposes a corkage fee. In fact, it is often more interesting to bring your own drinks, but the caterer can ask for more than €5 for each bottle you bring. If it is the case, then you can probably abandon the idea of bringing your own drinks.

Aperçu traiteur

If you feel courageous or if you know people working in catering, you might want to organize yourself the whole meal. It might be very interesting and very satisfying, but you need to realize that it requires a lot of time and a very strong organization! In fact, you need to think about where you’ll buy food, who will go and transport the food, where to rent a refrigerated truck, who will do the service, where will you rent the tablecloths and napkins, how will you get the tableware etc. It is completely doable but most of the time, hiring a caterer is much more interesting and it will save you lots of stress and organizational issues.


Now that your guests have received a Save the Date and that you have found how you will proceed for the meal, you can start sending the final invitations. It should be done 3 to 4 months before your D-Date, and you should ask for responses 1 or 2 months before the wedding.

As we got confined, we had a lot of time to do the invitations ourselves from Canson paper and die-cutting plate. Although, I recommend you buy “simple” cards on the internet. Then, if you want to, you’ll be able to customize them with some ribbon, lace or whatever pleases you!

In order to remain as organized as possible, I encourage you to create an excel file with all the contact details of your guests and whom is invited to which part of the wedding (ceremony + dinner or just ceremony). Then, you’ll be able to add a column to specify  if you have  already sent an invitation or not, another column with their response! It would be very useful if you can also add a column in order to write down if your guest is an adult / teen / child or baby. Then, you will easily access  the exact number of adults staying for dinner, and the number of children in order to hire a babysitter or two! This information will be very important to communicate to your caterer, and for you to draft a seating plan for example.

Name Age Mail Address Invitation R. Ceremony R. Dinner
Charles Phillip Ingalss Adult Little House on the Prairie Sent Yes Yes
Sophie de Réan Children NA Château de Réan Sent Yes No


Don’t hesitate to delegate tasks to your witnesses! They will probably be thrilled to take part of such an event! One last and major rule to apply:

On the D-Day, you shouldn’t take care of anything else than you and your spouse!

Special Events in June

With everything that is occurring in the world right now, you might be wondering: “What’s fun to do this month?”. It’s true that 2020 has not been an easy year: from fashion faux-pas to political blunders, we’ve had a lot on our minds, especially if you include less worrisome situations like lethal pandemics, world hunger and ongoing wars.

However, fret not, the Polytech Newsletter is there to help you get through this! Special events for the month of June have been scouted out and are brought to you by yours truly so you can take part in events on- and off-campus.

Jun 2, 2020: “A needs policy?” at Domaine universitaire de Saint-Martin d’Hères – CANCELED

Although it might be tempting to discuss environmental requirements with philosopher and Higher Schoolf of Art and Design professor Olivier Assouly, cramming in a small lecture room does not seem like a sensible idea right now. Notwithstanding, I know it’s not like you to miss out on an opportunity to learn, so how about you go back to your bed and binge that Korean drama for the third time?

Jun 9, 2020: Coffeequality: “Grenoble is also a matter of women!” – CANCELED

A fun occasion for a stroll in downtown Grenoble!
Credits: Université Grenoble Alpes

An event organized by Grenoble Alpes University and Grenoble Tourist Office, this free city tour was supposed to bring light to women who have inhabited Grenoble and have blazed the path for each of their distinctive fields. A pity for those who wanted to discover the hushed side of history. Patriarchy: 1, Women: 0, Coronavirus: 1000.

Jun 16, 2020: Online Seminar: “How to carry on simple tasks like breathing with a mask on”

This seminar helps students get a grasp of the aftermath of the shelter-in-place order. Knowing that they are literal walking petri dishes, the government has decided to lead them in their effort of not contaminating loved ones and have them die. Talking points: working and studying at home, going out for groceries in a hazmat suit, practicing physical distancing while drinking from a shared beer at a party.

Jun 29, 2020: “Where did all my money go?” Day

The fun part of the shelter-in-place order is that it was an opportunity to spend less. It all checks out: when you go out less, you spend less. Unfortunately for you, some guy some day invented the Internet, and ever since that day you have promised yourself you’ll make that INFO person pay. In the meantime, all your money has gone on careless expenditures like pricey toasters and that fancy stationary bike that cost €700 (which I’m told is the price of a single bottle of hydroalcoholic gel). You can find a silver lining in the fact that, in a matter of weeks, you single-handedly revitalized the French economy.

That’s our program for the month of June! If you long for more, do keep in mind that other refreshing social occasions are bound to take place in Grenoble and all over France this summer, including: sunbathing on your 1 square-meter balcony, exploring every nook and cranny of your local grocery store, and bawling your eyes out because your favorite festival has been canceled.

Have a fun summer!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Throughout the month of May, the celebration of mothers takes place.
As we all know, the responsibility of motherhood is huge, and the mental load can easily be very stressful.

This holiday exists so we can show appreciation to women who have an influence on our lives, whether it is our biological mother, our stepmother, our adoptive mother, a mother-to-be, a mother who has passed away, and the list goes on.
Hopefully we all have a mother figure in our lives that is there to support us, to help us make the right decisions, and to care for us. 

A bit of history…

This holiday has its own history, depending on the country. 

The celebration of a mother figure is known to have started in ancient Greece, when people celebrated Rhea, the Great Mother of the Gods.
During the 16th century, Christians used to celebrate Mothering Sunday in the UK, a very religious commemoration at the time that honored women and their children.
Mother’s Day, as we know it nowadays, started in the United States. The first women to desire to start this tradition were Julia Howe and Ann Jarvis, who campaigned for a peaceful celebration in the late 1800s. In 1908, the first Mother Day’s celebration took place as Ann’s daughter organized a private memorial for Ann, who had recently passed away.
This idea quickly spread throughout the whole country, even if the proposal to make it an official holiday was denied at first. Eventually, in 1914, the President of the United States accepted it as a national holiday, held every year on the second Sunday of May. After that, several countries all around the world followed up the tradition and officialised this holiday… But what about France?

Mother’s Day in France

The origins of this holiday in France are quite different from what I have just told you about.

In the early 1800s, the French emperor Napoléon I, thought of creating a day where people would celebrate mothers of large families. This idea did not come to life until 1896, as a way of motivating people to be more family-oriented and have more children. Shortly, during the first decade of the 20th century, mothers of big families were starting to get honored as much as the fathers. 

French people would have to wait until the end of World War I to start celebrating Mother’s Day inspired by the American tradition.
In 1918 a celebration took place to honor the women who lost their husbands in battle.  Mother’s Day became an official holiday in the following years, with the intention of celebrating and honoring mothers and their involvement in their family’s lives.
In 1950, a law was passed stating that Mother’s Day would occur every year on the last Sunday of May. However, if the Pentecost (Christian holiday after Easter) happens on that same Sunday, Mother’s Day is postponed to the first Sunday of June. And guess what? That is what is going to happen this year! Mother’s Day in France will be celebrated on June 7th of 2020.

The new way of celebrating Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day, which was first created to make mothers feel appreciated, has now been highly exploited. In fact, retailers quickly understood how this holiday could be beneficial for them and started to take advantage of it.

From Mother’s Day pre-made cards to expensive gifts, the commercialization of this holiday is one of the most successful ways to make money in most developed countries.

What could we do to make Mother’s Day less of a commercial holiday?

Well, there are a lot of possibilities! 

    • Instead of buying pre-made cards at your local supermarket, you could make your own.
      It is quite easy, fast and you have the power to do whatever you want to your card – make it simple or extravagant, you decide!
    • Write a letter to the mother figure you want to celebrate.
      Writing letters is a lost art. Unlike cards, which are meant to be aesthetically pleasing, take this chance to express yourself and tell them how much they mean to you.
    • Food, food, food!
      You could prepare her a little something to eat, in order to show her your appreciation. Whether it is breakfast in the morning or any other meal, this is a lovely idea that would make anyone happy.
    • A drawing goes a long way.
      The simplest things can bring the most happiness in life. If you are an artsy person, you could definitely draw something cute and give it to her as a gift.
    • Make use of your printer.
      Some moments are so special that they become part of the highlights of our lives. Do not hesitate to print a picture (or a picture collage) that means a lot to both of you.
    • Most importantly, do not forget to tell her how much you care about her.
      Sometimes we do not show much affection to the ones we care about the most. This is the perfect opportunity to remind them how important they are to you.

Hopefully, you enjoy this year’s Mother’s Day close to the women you appreciate the most in your life. If not, do not forget that distance does not invalidate your feelings. Cherish the sweet memories!
Also, keep in mind that there are various celebrations honoring other family members such as fathers and grandparents and they are just as important! Appreciate your relationship with others and keep on making great memories.