Octobre Rose, spreading awareness and helping research for breast cancer.

Octobre Rose is an annual campaign with the primary goal of spreading awareness about  this very common cancerand collecting funds that are directed to research. It is akin to the Breast Cancer Awareness Month in Anglo-Saxon countries.

During this month, the Bureau de l’Humanitaire and Bureau des Etudiants, two student-run bodies in Polytech, partner up to organise a series of events, information campaigns, and fund raising.


What is breast cancer?

It is the most common type of cancer in women, making up a total of 25% of all detected cancers, adding up to 42000 new cases every year in France. It is uncommon in men but not impossible with a total of 400 cases every year.

Like every cancer, some cells start to grow uncontrollably and start to build a cluster in the body forming a malignant tumour. This specific cancer is situated in the breast and can form both in the tissues and ducts, developing different symptoms and requiring different treatments.


What are the symptoms and the risk factors?

The exact causes are still unknown, but doctors have been able to isolate some risk factors. Some of theseinclude ageing, first period before the age of 12, a late menopause (after 55 years old), over consumption ofalcohol, sugar and animal fat, and family antecedents.

The most common symptoms include but are not limited to, hard ball like shapes in the breast and towards the armpits, blood flow through the nipple which can also become red, asymmetric, and change shape.

Diagnosis is then made by palpation and mammography, and treatment can be done via several methods, such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy.

Early detection is critical in order to treat it, as cancers can very quickly take an uncontrollable size, and even spread to previously unaffected organs and tissues via the blood. If the cancer is detected early, it also allows theuse of lighter treatments, for shorter periods of time, thus limiting the very serious side effects most treatments have.


How can I participate?

The event happens every year, during the month of October and activities, fund raising and information campaignsare organised in Polytech. You can participate in the activities offered, read about it via posts on the BDH’s social media ( https://www.instagram.com/bdhpolytechgrenoble/ ) and posters displayed in the hallways.

This year, the events organised were an ice skating evening, a sale of crepes one morning, a fund -raising pot and a pink day where you can come to class dressed in your favourite pink outfit. All the proceeds were  sent to the charity responsible for funding research and information.


Octobre Rose is the month where you can help fund research into cancer causes and treatment and spread awareness all the while participating in activities offered by the different student bodies in charge of the organisation.






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