Make your own Christmas tree !

A DIY student Christmas tree !

Don’t have enough money to buy yourself a Christmas tree ? Or is your room too little to welcome one ? Worry not, because you can make one yourself with very little spending.

First, buy yourself some green tinsel and a bottle of sparkling water (notice the triangular shape). Then, unscrew the cap and put the end of the tinsel inside of it. You can now start wrapping the tinsel around the bottle until you reach the bottom. Once you’ve finished, stick the other end of the tinsel on the side of the bottle with some tape or glue.

Ta-dah ! You’ve now built your own Christmas tree ! You can even decorate it with other colored tinsel or a light garland if you feel like it. If you made one yourself, don’t hesitate to share a picture with us in the comments below !

Merry Christmas everybody !

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