Interview of a foreign student

There is a large number of foreign students in Polytech Grenoble. These foreign students have all left their home country to study in France, and all have different reasons to do so, and all have encountered a certain number of difficulties, from the language barrier to the change of scenery, or else struggling with solitude or difficulties to integrate a group.
Moreover, each one of them as a different view about France, that they can compare to their respective home countries. It may then be interesting to know about their point of view about life in France, about what convinced them to study in France, and about the difficulties they have encountered on their journey.
Hakim is a third year student from Alger, the capital of Algeria. Before entering Polytech Grenoble, Hakim studied dentistry in Algeria during 2 years, he then came to France to pursue his studies but failed the PACES contest. Having learnt about a gateway between PACES and the second year of integrated preparatory class Polytech, he then tried his luck and got accepted in Polytech Lyon.

His opinion about France, the difficulties he encountered and his arrival at Polytech Grenoble

Hakim spent his first year in France with his aunt in Lyon. With French being the second official language of his home country, neither the change of country nor the language caused him any problems. However, he encountered some difficulties with the administrative procedures he had to complete, which are too numerous according to him, and the challenging pace required to succeed the PACES’s contest.
After his second year of preparatory class, he attended the open days of Polytech Grenoble and informed himself about the program of the computer science cursus. Hakim, being seduced by the school and the city of Grenoble, decided to pursue his studies in the engineering cycle in Polytech Grenoble. He appreciates the city, which he describes as calm and “neither too small nor too big”.
Overall, Hakim likes France, and wishes to remain here after graduating.

Why computer science and what are his projects for the future

Hakim chose computer science by passion and because the specialty offers a very high hiring rate. According to a 2020 survey, 96% of the graduates find a job in the 6 months after their graduation, including 91% of open-ended contracts. Hakim is still hesitating about what job he want s to do in the future. For now, his short terms ambitions are to graduate and to find a job.

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