Inside the BDE campaigns

It has been now six months since I decided to run with 33 other people for the elections of the BDE 2019-2020. So it’s been six months since we started the preparation of the BDE campaigns, and trust me, there is a lot to do. To keep the effect of surprise we had to remain very discreet so that nobody could suspect what was going on. We had to meet in small committee outside Polytech without forgetting to cut social networks to not be localized, we were like mini spies. I was part of the “Mammoutech” team and we won, so here is how we organized the campaigns.

BDE campaigns take place over a week. And it is during this week that we must convince the whole school that we can earn our place at the BDE by organizing different activities. We must organize two parties, plan activities at school for two days, plan meals for the first 3 days of the week, and try to always have pancakes ready (any time during the day) for that students can eat. There is also the WAVS (weekend at your service) which consists in carrying out ALL the requests of the students of the school during a whole weekend round the clock. This weekend is challenging but it’s the funniest part of the week because it is during these two days that we meet the most people.  

For the organization to be as efficient as possible, we divided the work. There were 11 different teams: one for communication (mine), one for partnerships with different companies, one for ordering different goodies, one for parties, one for the organization of meals, one for activities , one for video editing and photos, one for logistics, one for school decorations, one for funding (the most important), one for the “WAVS”, and finally one called « Small Office » with the chair of the list, the vice president, treasurer, secretary and head of communication in all the Polytech network.

We have all worked really hard to make the campaigns run as smoothly as possible. We had a lot of fun this week and we are very happy to have won. The competing list has also done very well during these campaigns, they can be proud of their work. The fake lists (the lists that are only there to have fun and entertain) have also play the game and have put a good atmosphere throughout the campaigns. This week of campaigns is always eagerly awaited because it is very festive. This year it ended on March 21st, so the bad news is that you have to wait a year before it starts again!

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