How to: Getting married as students? Organizational tips (#1)

Here it is, you have found your soulmate! You may have met both families and the wedding is to be scheduled. There is just an ultimate detail: you’re still a student with a tiny budget! Don’t panic, you’re on the right page.

If you wonder how to organize a beautiful wedding with a tiny budget, then keep reading! 


The first thing to know is how much time do you have before getting married. The more time, the easier it is to organize. Having a whole year allows an ideal organization, but things are easily workable in 8 / 10 months. 

Then, you may have to dress a first draft of a list of people you want to invite, especially for the dinner. Friends, family? This first list will highly influence your decisions concerning a major point of your organization: the dinner’s location. In fact, the room has to be large enough for all your guests. You should search for a 10% larger room than expected with your first draft as, even if some people won’t come, you surely will have other guests your forgot to write down on your list. However, the size of the room isn’t the only characteristic you have to check. A key feature that could make a difference is the kitchen (if there is one): is it sufficient to cook the whole meal for all your guests, is the equipment suitable for the whole evening ? Moreover, some places have enough tables, chairs and dishes to receive a lot of people, but some don’t. Make sure to check what equipment and services are included in the price of the rent. 

If you have a tiny budget, try to rent a village hall. Most of the time, these rooms are perfectly suitable for large receptions and very affordable. If you want a more charming place, you should find domains or castles to rent, but you will strongly increase the cost. Keep in mind that you can still decorate your room with flowers, sheers or garlands. Another way to reduce the cost of the rent, is to get married during the week or in winter and not on the weekends in the middle of the summer. In fact, almost all places adjust their prices. As an example, we had a 20% discount on the price of the rent because we decided to get married on a Monday instead of a Saturday. Check the national holidays, for you might find a very nice date to get married during a week! Few places even offer a 50% discount during the week or the winter. 

Table decoration


Have courage for the search of your dinner’s place, as it may be the hardest part. As an example, I spent approximately 2 months surfing the web and making phone calls to find the perfect place! Once you find it, have no regrets and congratulate yourself! 

Now, as you booked the place for the dinner, you may be able to send some “Save The Date” cards or emails to the people you will invite to your dinner. This is a happy moment, as it formalizes the date of your wedding alongside your closest friends and family. Ideally, these “Save The Date” should be sent 6 to 8 months before the D-Date. 

This step is important as you probably won’t be able to send all the invitations a long time before your wedding. Indeed, the invitations contain all the details of all the places you and your guests will be (church if you have one, dinner’s place, vin d’honneur, civil ceremony …) in addition of the schedule of the day. 

If you choose to send your “Save The Date” by email, I highly recommend you create a different email address. As a student, you may already have your personal address and your student address but trust me, you will receive a huge amount of new kinds of emails and you probably don’t want to mix your everyday life emails with the ones concerning the wedding. Moreover, it will allow you to share an email address with your partner which could facilitate the communication and so the organization, as all the details will be gathered on one account. 

To continue, another way to reduce the cost of your wedding is to wait for the sales before buying any decorating items. In fact, you might be able to find some pretty light strings or some gifts for your guests that you could store before the wedding. Last but not least : you could find a bridal dress on discount ! What a huge topic… 

Be careful to not underestimate the time needed for your dress (if you actually are a woman). Even if you don’t go to a specialist bridal store, the confection of your dress can last up to 5 months. However, if you have the chance to gather your mom and sisters, close friends, bridesmaid or witnesses to try on some wedding gown, just go for it! It is an exceptional opportunity and allows you to have a very special moment with them, in addition of very sound advice. Trying on some dresses can help you get new ideas on what features suit you the most so that you can easily buy on the internet a made-to-measure wedding gown. I recently found out that you can find some excellent quality dresses way cheaper on the internet. It is a great alternative to the traditional bridal shop, and permits to significantly reduce the cost of your wedding. Nevertheless, you must check the return policy of the website you choose to buy on. Make sure that you can easily send back the dress if it doesn’t fit you or if it is not conform to the description made on the website. 

That was a resume of the first months of a wedding organization, made by a student. Stay tuned for other articles, as the journey is far from over!

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