A festival celebrating mountains

During the last 9 and 10 November, the 5th edition of the « Rencontres Montagnes & Sciences » event took place at the Palais des Sports in Grenoble. This annual event, which attracts hundreds of visitors each year, provides an opportunity to discover how and why mountains are studied by scientists.

About ten films were screened during the two days and each of them dealt with a different subject ; astronomy, volcanoes or melting ice for example, each of them being linked to mountains and the usefulness they bring to scientists for their research. In addition to the screening of documentaries, some experiments were carried out on stage. Mathieu Barthelemy, a researcher at the Institut de planétologie et d’astrophysique de Grenoble (IPAG), thus created an aurora borealis in front of the amazed spectators while explaining how he managed to do it and more generally how the northern lights were formed.

This event was part of another one – « Rencontres Ciné Montagnes » – which took place from November 6 to 10 during which visitors had the opportunity to discover a wide variety of areas related to the mountain. The whole event gathered nearly 20,000 people and different fields such as music, art and science were promoted through movies. As it was the 20th anniversary of the event, exclusive workshops were held this year. For instance, it was possible to suggest a script idea to directors Christophe Raylat and Pierre Petit in order to obtain recommendations from them. In addition, a paid workshop was set up for the first time to learn more about photography and cinematography techniques.

In short, this event allows people to discover the mountain and everything it is linked with for a very low price. And if you missed it, don’t make the same mistake next year!

Élisa Beaugrand, manager of the Polytech Grenoble Pompoms – Interview

The Pompoms during their Ol'INPiades 2017 performance
The Pompoms during their Ol’INPiades performance, on October 8, 2017 – INProd

Polytech Grenoble Pompoms – Ol’INPiades 2017 performance

Meet Élisa, a manager of Polytech Grenoble’s Pompoms ! They take part in Polytech events to perform and show off their exceptional choreographies to students, teachers, parents, and others.

Louis D.G.: Hello Élisa.

Élisa B.: Hello !

L: You are one of the managers of the Polytech Grenoble Pompoms. The Ol’INPiades 2018 have just ended and your team took part in the event. How did your performance go ?

É: Our performance went very well. We are very proud of what we have accomplished. Unfortunately we did not have the ranking we were hoping for and we finished second to last. We think that the judges (who are INP students) have been particularly hard with the Polytech pompoms because in my opinion our performance was much better than those of some other INP schools. I look forward to videos of all the performances to prove that this is not only bad faith.

L: What are the next big plans for the Pompoms ?

É: The biggest event of the year is the Ol’INPiades so the biggest event to come is the Ol’INPiades 2019. It is a pompom contest between Polytech and the different INP schools. This requires a lot of preparation, we train at least three times a week for 2 months to be ready on D-Day. As I am a member of the « pompoms team leaders » I also have to prepare the choreographies, this work starts as soon as possible, usually about 7 months before the performance.

For this school year, there will of course be other events to which we will take part. The next one is the TIF (Tournoi interfilières on November 24th). We will also make representations on other occasions such as BDE campaigns or the Polytech open day (to be confirmed).

Each year, the pompoms also do a choreography during the graduation.

L: Can we still join the team ?

É: Of course it is possible to join the team! There is room for everyone, even those who have never attended a dance class! And boys, please don’t be shy, we need you to achieve figures worthy of the best cheerleading teams in the United States.

If you are interested in pompoms, why not come for a trial class? They are every Tuesday evening after classes from 17h45 to 19h. And if you want more information you can contact me (Élisa BEAUGRAND RICM3) or contact the other team leaders (Myriam RABAHI MAT4 – Anne-Laure TAFFIN TIS5 – Maeva BOURDINAUD MAT4 – Clément BOUTEAUD IESE4).

PS: Your regular presence is rewarded in polypoints.

L: Thanks a lot for all this information Élisa. We look forward to seeing your next performance !

Des articles en anglais à venir…

L’équipe du blog a une petite nouvelle à vous annoncer !

Tous les élèves de l’école étudient bien évidemment l’anglais. Mais au sein de Polytech Grenoble, il existe parmi ces élèves un petit groupe pour qui parler la langue de Shakespeare est une seconde nature. Les cours traditionnels leurs sont alors relativement inutiles. À la place, l’équipe d’anglais leur propose des activités plus poussées : entre autres, un projet de rédaction d’une newsletter en anglais pour l’école.

Cependant, avec le lancement du blog, nos activités semblaient similaires. C’est pourquoi, plutôt que de proposer des contenus semblables sur deux canaux différents, nous avons décidé avec grand plaisir de nous associer avec nos camarades bilingues ! Ces étudiants utiliseront donc le blog de l’établissement pour partager leur travail. Le résultat de ce partenariat sera donc la publication, une fois par mois, de leurs articles en anglais sur le blog !

Vous pourrez retrouver tous les articles de ce type dans la catégorie In English!, en cliquant sur le lien dans la barre latérale droite du site, ou bien directement en haut du site, depuis la barre de navigation !

Nous espérons que cette petite diversification linguistique saura vous satisfaire !

Bonne lecture ! Enjoy!