Interview Gabriel Jaffrès

Gabriel Jaffrès is a French student who has done an internship in Eindhoven, Netherlands. During 6 months, he worked for a consulting company named ICT Netherlands. A former IESE student, he talked with me about everything he noticed and was worth sharing during this period.

When he arrived in Eindhoven his only contacts were his coworkers but because he was working from home, he never had an opportunity to meet them. His advice if you want to make friends is to go out, into bars or just to walk in the streets, to talk to people and more important, to be happy while doing so. Gabriel explains that for him he mostly made friends at the skate park because he just talked easily there. Another thing you can do is to check if an Erasmus group is present in the city.
About the Dutch culture, Gabriel noticed that they are very close to German and northern countries except from the fact that Dutch people often talk about business. “I was in a party and after five minutes talking with a guy he asked: What is your salary? I have a big salary! I don’t like these countries because they have too many rules. I’m more interested in the USA because I want to fuck the system to get money!” Gabriel says that he heard a lot of Dutch talking about trading as well, way more than the French. He also noticed that they are really concerned about the ecology and that you could find vegetarian food very easily even in supermarkets.
Another big difference among our countries is that drinking alcohol in the streets is forbidden, which means the Dutch drink a lot less than us during the week but catch up every week ends.

Finally, Gabriel says that if you want to leave the country, just do it. Sometimes it can be hard but at the end you will realize that you have discovered so much about living and about people because you will not just meet local people but also people who are in the same situation as you are. No matter how hard it is for you, it will eventually be a very good and very rich experience.

« Captain Fantastic » Review

“What we created here may be unique in all of human existence. We created a paradise.”

A family emerges from the woods. Ben lives here and he is raising his six children in a way that you have never thought about. He wants them to be smart, strong, capable and to have a critical point of view about society and living away from the influences of the modern world worked wonderfully in that way. During the day, the children spend their time hunting, running, climbing but also reading psycology books and playing music.

Unfortunately his wife, the mom of the children who was in a hospital far away for a few months died and her parents thinks that Ben is responsible. They forbid him to come to the funeral but the kids want to go and so begins the journey to the outside world.

On that road trip, their way of living comes into conflict with the “civilized society”. The children discover that they are very different from the average americans. They sometimes act in ways that make them look weird to others and it’s very unpleasant for them. They meet the family of Ben’s sister and a big conflict occurs among the parents regarding the dangers of the kids’ training and education. Ben’s family eventually wins it but it will not be the way all along the movie.

This movie does not make an apology for the education of Ben’s children. At the end, we can see all the good and the bad of this very extreme type of education and so we can have a clearer view about it. Even though it is a really good movie if you just want to watch it for fun, you can also draw conclusions about their way of living. To conclude the movie, the children sing a beautiful cover of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Gun’s N’ Roses that you should definitely listen to but be careful not to look at the video which can spoil the very end of the movie for you.