Inside the BDE campaigns

It has been now six months since I decided to run with 33 other people for the elections of the BDE 2019-2020. So it’s been six months since we started the preparation of the BDE campaigns, and trust me, there is a lot to do. To keep the effect of surprise we had to remain very discreet so that nobody could suspect what was going on. We had to meet in small committee outside Polytech without forgetting to cut social networks to not be localized, we were like mini spies. I was part of the “Mammoutech” team and we won, so here is how we organized the campaigns.

BDE campaigns take place over a week. And it is during this week that we must convince the whole school that we can earn our place at the BDE by organizing different activities. We must organize two parties, plan activities at school for two days, plan meals for the first 3 days of the week, and try to always have pancakes ready (any time during the day) for that students can eat. There is also the WAVS (weekend at your service) which consists in carrying out ALL the requests of the students of the school during a whole weekend round the clock. This weekend is challenging but it’s the funniest part of the week because it is during these two days that we meet the most people.  

For the organization to be as efficient as possible, we divided the work. There were 11 different teams: one for communication (mine), one for partnerships with different companies, one for ordering different goodies, one for parties, one for the organization of meals, one for activities , one for video editing and photos, one for logistics, one for school decorations, one for funding (the most important), one for the “WAVS”, and finally one called « Small Office » with the chair of the list, the vice president, treasurer, secretary and head of communication in all the Polytech network.

We have all worked really hard to make the campaigns run as smoothly as possible. We had a lot of fun this week and we are very happy to have won. The competing list has also done very well during these campaigns, they can be proud of their work. The fake lists (the lists that are only there to have fun and entertain) have also play the game and have put a good atmosphere throughout the campaigns. This week of campaigns is always eagerly awaited because it is very festive. This year it ended on March 21st, so the bad news is that you have to wait a year before it starts again!

Special Event : White Else?

On Friday, February 8th, the BDE organized its biggest student night of the year. This party is called “la White” in reference to the fact that the (un)official color of Polytech Grenoble is white. This is an event that takes place every year in Grenoble for several years now. This year’s theme of the evening revolved around coffee. Actually the name « White Else? » reminiscent of Georges Clooney’s famous replica « What Else? » in the ads for Nespresso.

That night, all the Polytech students were invited. Places were all sold in just a few days, the party was a victim of its own success, more than 1100 people answered the call. Some of them came from far away to attend the party, indeed we were able to meet students from Nantes, Montpellier, Clermond-Ferrand, Paris, etc. It took place at Le Local in Saint-Égreve. It started around 10pm and ended around 4am. That was a very long but not less fun night.

How to make a success of your Christmas presents?

Christmas is fast approaching and you still have not done your Christmas shopping? Everyone knows that finding gifts is not always easy. But do not panic ! This article will give you tips to find for sure the ideal gifts.

First, do not absolutely look for the element of surprise. Of course surprises are always a pleasure, but they can also be very bad! So do not hesitate to ask the person concerned what they want for Christmas, at least you are sure to hit the nail on the head. Unfortunately it is not always so simple since there is a 90% chance that the person answers you « oh that’s nice of you but I have no idea what I want ». And in the remaining 10%, there are those who want an off-budget gift. That’s why you should not hesitate to make a group gift! Because if you thought you were the only one without ideas, think again. It is therefore very easy to make a beautiful gift even with a tight budget when several people participate.

If you’re still out of ideas, think about the person. What are his hobbies? What does he need? What does he NOT need? And do not forget to focus on quality over quantity. Indeed, a big package under the tree is always making dream but when its content is disappointing, it’s worse than anything.

As far as I’m concerned, I prefer gifts that last in time, those that make me think of the person who gave them to me everytime I see them. So do not bet on the ephemeral gifts, it would be a pity that nobody remembers your gift (even if chocolates are always a pleasure). Another tip would be to avoid decoration gifts. We do not all have the same tastes, it’s cumbersome and it’s likely to end up in a closet. In addition, it will prevent you from attending a (bad) acting performance of a person who claims to adore his gift.

Finally do not forget to talk about your gift to the one who receives it when offering it. Without epiloguing either, explain to him why you made him this gift, and why to him particularly. This will allow him to see the importance you give him and therefore to appreciate the gift even more.

Interview of Julie Dubois from OP

This article will focus on one of the most important associations of Polytech Grenoble. Without its cast, you would have almost no trace of your Polytech years, which would be extremely sad. Always discreet but always present, they are there to immortalize your greatest moments of glory at Polytech. Armed with their cameras they are real little paparazzi, nothing escapes them. They have been rampant now for several generations of students and are known as Objectif Polytech. Julie Dubois (TIS4) is a very active member of Objectif Polytech (and of the BDE)  and she kindly agreed to answer a few questions.

Élisa: -Hi Julie! Thanks for taking time for this interview.
Julie: –Hey! No problem.

Élisa: – For how long have you been part of Objectif Polytech?
Julie: –Since the beginning of last year, arriving at Polytech, it’s been almost a year and a half. I had never really done photography and I did not control my camera at all.

Élisa: -Can everyone join OP?
Julie: Yes ! Beginner or professional, we accept everyone, that’s what makes the interest of the association. The more experienced ones share their experiences and their good plans, offer photo releases, themes, and are jury of photo contests.

Élisa: -Can we take courses of editing, photo or video with OP?
Julie: –Yes, we do photography, video, editing and computer graphics (creating logos and posters). We try to vary the subjects of the courses, this year all the courses of the semester follow a schedule.

Élisa: -Are there regular meetings between you to organize?
Julie: –Yes and no. When the handover between the old and the new team was made, the choice was made to take a team rather than a single person who manages OP. We asked the most motivated to join a Facebook group conversation dedicated to the organization, but seeing the declining interest of the members of this conversation, we quickly saw that meetings were not necessary. In the end the decisions are made almost alone. For photo staff, outings, themes, etc., it is only the volunteer members who participate.

Élisa: -Is OP present at each Polytech event?
Julie: -We are trying ! This is not easy because many members do not have a camera and some are interested only in the photo (they are less present in the atmosphere Polytech and therefore less present at parties). There is also a lack of publicity somehow, I think in particular about the administration that uses UGA photographers rather than OP, for example.

Élisa: -How much time do you spend on average per week for OP? Are there busier times than others during the year?
Julie:There is not really any average time .. In general, there is 1h of lessons per week, which must be prepared, then we try to organize in parallel outings and photo contest or directing short films on a weekend. But in addition to all that, there is the treatment of photos taken at events. The more we are present, the more work is added. During integration at the beginning of the year, this is where we have the most work. There are about 5000 photos to process! Once the integration is over, there is the gala 2 weeks later that also requires a lot of work. I would say this is the most complicated period at OP.

As you understand, OP is very important for the student life in Polytech. If you want more information, do not hesitate to ask Julie or any other member. Here is the link to their facebook page which contains all their work:

And a contest has just ended, so do not forget to check out the winning picture directly on Facebook !