Take Shelter – Movie Review

“ Insanity is the true clairvoyance ”

For his second movie, director Jeff Nichols tries and succeeds in setting a disturbing but moving atmosphere that will surely make you feel a bit anxious. This psychological drama explores fatherhood, a theme that Nichols worked on his following movies ​ Mud ​ and Midnight Special ,  but also the anxiety that arises in rural America towards the uncertain future that the people are facing and the powerlessness that comes with it.

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Lion – Movie Review

Release details
Cast and crew

Rated: Biography, Drama
Release date: 25 November 2016
Duration: 118 mins


Director: Garth Davis
Screenwriter: Saroo Brierley, Luke Davies
Cast: Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman, Rooney Mara, Sunny Pawar

“ Hope has shining eyes ”

A true story reflecting the real reality of a world known to orphans. Saroo (Dev Patel) a 5-year-old boy, finds himself alone on the platforms of a train station, far from home in this big city: Calcutta. After a few months of loneliness living on the street, he is arrested and sent to an orphanage. Finally, he is adopted by a loving Australian family. 25 years later, he’s still thinking about his family lost in India. He needs to be reunited with his mother and brothers. Continuer la lecture de « Lion – Movie Review »

[Instant Photo] Janvier 2020 – 1/1

Les yeux rivés vers le ciel, j’observe avec fascination cette créature mi-poisson, mi-oiseau. Elle semble matérialiser nos rêves et notre imagination, nos fantasmes et nos désirs, que nous laissons parfois nager librement dans notre esprit, dans toute leur poésie et leur sensualité. Pensées les plus profondes, belles et sincères, douces paroles à jamais en suspens dans notre tête, qui s’évanouiront sans oser franchir la barrière de nos lèvres, enfouies à jamais dans notre cœur.

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Photo et texte par Victor CUAU

Cinema and miniature museum

For all fan of the 7th art, you’ll probably be surprised you can discover the richest cinema museum in France, managed by passionate people. This museum, located in the Vieux Lyon, will make you discover the behind the scenes of famous movies like Terminator, Alien, Men in Black  and many more through real props and accessories used in their dedicated movie!

Photo of the Museum from outside – Source: Wikipedia

From outside, this museum looks like an old French apartment in a cute little street, but once inside you will dive into another dimension. The museum is divided in two permanent exhibitions and sometimes, non permanent ones.

Cinema accessories and special effects exhibition

Through several floors, you will have the possibility to watch your favorite movies from another point of view. This entire part of the museum is a gathering of official props, accessories, dress from famous movies that you’ve probably watched! If you have already dreamt to see a real Mogwai, check the hand of C3PO or say “Sarah Connor” in front of the T-800 from Terminator, it is possible. The museum is also famous for its 3 meters high Alien Queen from Alien but this is of course only a few examples of what you can see.

Photo of the Alien Queen (Left) Hover Board from Back to the future (right) – Credit: Benoit Barre

This exhibition is really interesting and this is an amazing occasion to discover the cinema’s universe by enjoying the different props, reading some history and fun facts about movies.

Miniature exhibition

If you’ve decided to do the first main exhibition about cinema, going to this museum is a good occasion to visit the second one about the world of miniature. The last floor of the building consists of lots of different tiny scenes designed by great artists. By mixing the art of model making and scenography, artists have made ultra realistic scene and rooms that can almost fit in a shoe box !

A 30x30cm supermarket scene – Credit: Benoit Barre

I recommend you visit this exhibition as well because all the scenes are really incredible and look so real by the lights ambient and all the details. This art is also related with the cinema art and special effects before the development of 3D digital effects, when some movies scenes were designed in real life by artists to create models or landscape paintings as a background with the Matte Painting technique.

What else? 

If you want to visit this museum, the price for the entire museum is only €7.50 for students and €9.50 for adults. The museum is located at 60 Rue Saint-Jean, 69005 Lyon, which is inside the Vieux Lyon, and this is also a good opportunity to visit and explore around this beautiful quarter!